Puddletown Closes Up Shop

The time has come for Puddletown Reviews to close its doors. Following the last 20 months of chronic pain following an injury and subsequent surgery in June, it is clear to me I need to trim my sails a bit.

Maintaining two blogs–this one and Sherrey Meyer, Writer–and attempting to write a book of my own is a lot to keep up with. Decisions needed to be made, and the decision is to let the book reviewing go.

As much as I love books and reading them, I cannot continue to post as often as I should and keep up with the demands of publishers, agents, publicists and authors. The day may come when I will want to do this again, and if it does, I will consider my options at that time.

Effective September 1, 2017, the lights will go out at Puddletown Reviews and the door will be locked. It’s been a good ride and I’ve enjoyed each one I’ve met here.

Happy reading,


2 thoughts on “Puddletown Closes Up Shop

  1. Aw, Sherrey, I’m so sorry to hear this, especially due to the circumstances surrounding the decision. Bless you! Thank you for being part of my first ever book blog tour for WAITING FOR BUTTERFLIES. I’m so grateful for the service you provide to us book lovers !


    1. Karen, thanks for your kind words. God is calling me to finish a memoir I started several years ago, and it’s actually going to be a rewrite of the manuscript. I can’t possibly do all the things I’d love to do, so I began looking at my priorities. And with a successful surgery behind me, it seemed the perfect time to close up shop.


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