Lola Dreams of the Zoo by Stephanie Pitcher Fishman | Review

Book Description

Join Lola as she dreams about her favorite animals in the zoo! Full-color illustrations introduce young children to the world of abstract art while educating and entertaining them.

Each page of Lola Dreams of the Zoo includes a short, fun rhyme, and the Kindle edition contains interactive pop-up text boxes with animal facts like:

~ a kangaroo can jump 30 feet in one hop,
~ a giraffe is the neighborhood watch leader,
~ a flamingo uses his beak-like a shovel,
~ and more!

As a mother to children twenty years apart, author Stephanie Pitcher Fishman understands how important positive, enriching, and educating books are to a child’s development. In her first children’s book series, she focuses on introducing young children to the world around them through rhyme, art, and animals.

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Lola Dreams of the Zoo tells a fun tale of 11 different zoo animals. Additional extras include a short lesson in abstract art and fun links for kids to explore with their parents to learn more about the animals mentioned in the book.

And, the author includes a link to receive special book bonuses like coloring pages!

Fun for any age, this read aloud is the perfect length for a bedtime story.

Book Details:

Lola Dreams of the Zoo by Stephanie Pitcher Fishman
Published by Rebecca Hills Books (April 14, 2017)
Genre: Children’s Book / Animals / Zoo / Picture Book
Source: Author
Format: Kindle, 8 pages


Review of Lola Dreams of the Zoo

Many years have passed since I sat down with my son and read to him. Reading Lola Dreams of the Zoo brought back many such memories.

Stephanie Pitcher Fishman has brought together the charm of a children’s story about animals and the zoo and brightly colored artwork. The rhyming of the words creates a song-like quality children will love.

Like Lola, your children have their dreams. Fishman has created a book intended to educate your children about the world around them, animals, art, and the joy of reading. The Kindle edition offers pop-up text boxes offering animal facts.

This book is eight beautiful pages with its tale of 11 zoo animals. The perfect length for a bedtime read.

As a grandma, I can certainly appreciate the overlapping educational value in bringing abstract art, a story introducing animals, and the ability to read together. I highly recommend this book to parents of preschool through early elementary children. Enjoy!

Meet the Author

Author Stephanie Pitcher Fishman is a wrangler of words & keeper of family stories. Powered by God and good coffee, she believes fully in the power of the Oxford Comma and Joss Whedon.


The Official Biography:

Author Stephanie Pitcher Fishman writes fiction and nonfiction rooted in personal stories. Whether it’s her best-selling historical fiction novel, Finding Eliza, about the effects of hidden secrets in a family tree or the stories of her own battle with chronic illness, she loves to share stories of real emotions with others. She also thinks that Joss Whedon can strike creative lightning at will.

Her work includes fiction based in family history, easy-to-use research guides for both new and experienced genealogists, and an upcoming cozy mystery series titled With Love, Your Dead Aunt and filled with quirky, humorous characters and adventures.

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