Losing the Light by Andrea Dunlop | Review

The cousins draw Sophie and Brooke into an irresistible world of art, money,
decadence, and ultimately, a disastrous love triangle that consumes them both.
And of the two of them, only one will make it home.

Losing the Light by Andrea Dunlop

A smart, obsessive debut novel about a young woman studying abroad who becomes caught up in a seductive French world—and a complex web of love and lust.

When thirty-year-old Brooke Thompson unexpectedly runs into a man from her past, she’s plunged headlong into memories she’s long tried to forget about the year she spent in France following a disastrous affair with a professor.

As a newly arrived exchange student in the picturesque city of Nantes, young Brooke develops a deep and complicated friendship with Sophie, a fellow American and stunning blonde, whose golden girl façade hides a precarious emotional fragility. Sophie and Brooke soon become inseparable and find themselves intoxicated by their new surroundings—and each other.

But their lives are forever changed when they meet a sly, stylish French student, Veronique, and her impossibly sexy older cousin, Alex. The cousins draw Sophie and Brooke into an irresistible world of art, money, decadence, and ultimately, a disastrous love triangle that consumes them both. And of the two of them, only one will make it home.

Book Details:

Losing the Light by Andrea Dunlop
Published by Washington Square Press (February 23, 2016)
Genre: Fiction/Contemporary Women/Psychological/Coming of Age

Source: Author
Format: Kindle edition, 336 pages

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Review of Losing the Light

Losing the Light is Andrea Dunlop’s début novel. Advance blurbs include descriptive phrases, such as “mysterious disappearance,” “intoxicating relationships,” “passionate love triangle,” and “absolutely haunting.” Implications from these leave the reader expecting a thrilling, mysterious, suspenseful read.

Although Dunlop’s writing is well done, and her characters are believable and well drawn. Scenes are vivid exploring the weather changes in France and providing the reader with the feel of the rain and cold. As well, Dunlop paints beautiful sunny, warm days.

Losing the Light was enjoyable to read and moved along quickly. However, I feel the author could have created more tension in the plot as the stress grew between the characters. I kept waiting for something to happen which turned the book toward the mystery and thriller advance press promised.

Although I experienced some disappointment, I did enjoy the quality of Dunlop’s writing. Equally satisfying were the characters she introduced in Losing the Light. I found it easy to love some and hate others.

If you’re looking for a light, easy read, pick up a copy of Losing the Light.

Meet Andrea Dunlop

Andrea Dunlop, AuthorAndrea Dunlop is an author and social media consultant based out of Seattle, WA with over a decade of experience in book publishing. She began her career as an in-house publicist for Doubleday (Random House) where she worked with bestselling authors such as Tina Brown, Jonathan Lethem, Linda Fairstein, and many others. After moving back to Seattle in 2009, she took over as publicity manager for Kim Ricketts Book Events promoting a wide range of cookbook and literary events with authors such as Laurie David, Rene Redzepi, and Steven Johnson. Next, she spent five years with editorial and book production firm Girl Friday Productions as their executive director of social media and marketing, working with both traditionally and self-published clients and spearheading the company’s marketing efforts. In February 2016, Andrea released her debut novel, Losing the Light (Atria), and is currently working on a second novel for the publisher, due out in 2017. In addition to her writing and social media work, Andrea is an accomplished speaker and has presented at book and publishing conferences nationwide including The San Francisco Writers Conference, The Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association Conference, The Pacific Northwest Writers Association Conference, and many others.

Connect with Andrea:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn | YouTube



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