The Gospel According to St. Rage by Karen Eisenbrey | Review

Karen Eisenbrey's The Gospel According to St. Rage

From Goodreads:

Meet Barbara Bernsen, Former Invisible Girl.

Barbara isn’t your typical high school junior. She’s been invisible since the third grade. But when a magic hat brings her back into the light, Barbara is ready to take on the world. First priority? Start an all-girl garage band. Miraculous super powers were never in her plan, but sometimes you get what you need. Bullies and school shooters don’t stand a chance.

Yes, we all love Wonder Woman, Black Widow, and Jessica Jones, but Barbara is the hero her high school deserves.

Truth. Justice. Rock & Roll.

The Gospel According to St. Rage by Karen Eisenbrey
Published by CreateSpace  (July 12, 2016)
Genre: YA Fiction | YA Contemporary

Source: Purchase
Pages: Paperback
, 348 pages


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My Thoughts:

In her début novel, The Gospel According to St. Rage, Karen Eisenbrey writes the story we all remember and perhaps have tweens or teens living through now. It’s a story of believing you don’t fit in, trying to fit in, feeling like a nerd, or pretending you’re invisible, like Barbara Bernsen.

Eisenbrey’s characters are so richly drawn you’ll have no problem picking out the one that fits your personality. Think back to junior high and high school and you’ll immediately understand the angst and frustrations these characters are coping with each day. Somehow, they do find an understanding of each other through a common bond, music and the formation of an almost all-girl band.

Most enjoyable are their conversations about their lives, music, and coping with life. The dialogue is realistic and in keeping with the age range of her characters, Eisenbrey allows the chat to meander and wander across the pages. You’ll remember talking with your best friend the day after you and your folks had an all out disagreement, or your current romantic interest hurt your feelings, or your feel like no one understands who you are or why you are.

Eisenbrey is a début novelist we want to watch as I’m guessing there’ll be more books coming from this author.


Although Amazon and other distributors classify The Gospel According to St. Rage as young adult or YA fiction, I believe anyone will enjoy reading it. I know I did!

And by the way, the band’s music is playable on a CD that comes with the book!

Karen Eisenbrey, Author of The Gospel According to St. Rage
Karen Eisenbrey

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