The Romance Diet: Body Image and the Wars We Wage on Ourselves by Destiny Allison | Review

Destiny Allison's The Romance DietBrave, raw, and unflinchingly honest, this book is a weight loss journey, a love story, a heart beating loudly on the page. Every day we battle against something–injustice, our spouses, our weight. Seldom do we acknowledge the real wars we wage. Repressing feelings and silencing our voices, we suffer under the surface, attributing emotional distress and unwanted pounds to the inescapable effects of hormones or age.

But weight gain, anxiety, and marital difficulties aren’t always so easy to explain.

In her poignant and touching memoir, Allison doesn’t offer recipes, exercise tips, or advice. Instead, she shows us how to stand up, express what we want, and develop empathy for ourselves and the people we love. In doing so, she provides invaluable insight for those seeking to lose weight, save a marriage, or make a significant life change.

Includes a Readers Guide.

WOWBook Details:
 The Romance Diet: Body Image and the Wars We Wage with Ourselves
 Destiny Allison
 Nonfiction / Politics & Social Sciences / Gender Issues
 Sunstone Press
 January 18, 2016
Kindle: 110 pages

ASIN: B01A037G4E
Source: Publisher via WOW! Women on Writing

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FTC Disclaimer: I received a copy of The Romance Diet from the publisher via WOW! Women on Writing in exchange for a fair and honest review. Opinions expressed are mine.


My Take

Congratulations are due Destiny Allison on writing a gritty, raw, honest story revealing her self-examination of who she is and who she wants to be.

Although the initial focus centers on an injury which caused Destiny to gain weight, the core of her story, in my opinion, is how we treat ourselves and each other. We live in a fast-paced, business-dominated society where men have always ruled and overseen the financial and material components of the business world and life in general. However, in today’s society, many women have taken the risk of moving up the corporate and commercial business ladders to roles of power and authority. 

Either of the sexes often are demeaning to those of the opposite sex. Self-image is one of the strong components in Destiny’s story. She willingly shares the incidences of male associates in business ignoring her presence if her husband, Steve, happened to be present. Also, a small part of the battles we wage against one another relate to sexist comments, glances, and overtures made in poor taste. Tearing down another’s self-image is rude and inappropriate. But Destiny shares how she overcame this, how her husband supported her, and what it meant to her to take control over her life and journey.

We are not born into this world to be fodder for the other sex’s grand sense of power nor for their jokes and fun. We are born into this world to be ourselves, to be present and growing into the person we want to be. This is our journey and not one to be hindered by others and their demeaning comments. Finding empathy for one another goes a long way to making these demeaning actions take a back seat, and Destiny shows how that can happen.

I believe Destiny has written a remarkable book which will help any people–those hoping to lose weight, renew their relationship, achieve their dreams in the business world, and to just be themselves without fear of losing their self-esteem. 

Beyond the core content, Destiny’s writing style is concise (after all the book is only 110 pages), easily understood, and simple to put into practice her truths and suggestions. Destiny is a role model parents can share with their daughters and sons at proper ages teaching them how to prove themselves as the persons they want to be and how to do so without damaging others.


Definitely a 5-star quality piece of writing. You know I don’t give them lightly, and I suggest this is a must read for everyone who spends time interacting with others.

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Author Bio n Links

Destiny Allison was a professional and award-winning sculptor. Her work is collected by individuals, civic entities, and corporations worldwide. When an injury required her to re-envision her life, Allison did what she always does. She applied her explosive creativity and dog-with-a-bone tenacity to new endeavors.

Destiny Allison, Author of The Romance Diet

In 2011 she was named Santa Fe Business Woman of the Year. Her community building efforts and innovative business model transformed a bankrupt shopping center into a thriving community and commercial center.

In 2012 she published her first book, Shaping Destiny: A quest for meaning in art and life. The book won best independent non-fiction/memoir in the 2013 Global Book Awards.

Since then, she has published two novels and opened a general store.

Allison believes that one’s life is one’s greatest work of art. Hence, she flows freely between mediums. Unafraid to make mistakes and always passionate, she lives in Santa Fe, NM.

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6 thoughts on “The Romance Diet: Body Image and the Wars We Wage on Ourselves by Destiny Allison | Review

    1. Destiny, your book tells a story we’ve all been too quiet about for years. As a child, going through my Mom’s abuses, I learned being invisible and silent was my salvation. Did it stop the abuse? No, of course not. But as a child I had no voice. That’s why I’m writing my story, and that’s why you wrote this one. We have to tell our stories to help others. Thanks so much for sharing your work and time with me on both my blogs. It’s been a wonderful experience!

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