Unlocking Worlds: A Reading Companion for Book Lovers by Sally Allen | Review

Unlocking Worlds by Sally Allen

Award-winning writer and teacher Sally Allen knows that good books don’t just draw us in; they talk to us, shape us, and transport us to times, places, and minds different from our own.

In Unlocking Worlds: A Reading Companion for Book Lovers, Allen deftly weaves personal stories with fifteen thematized, annotated, and illustrated reading lists for what to read next. By sharing some of the treasures in her library and the secret lives they reveal, she gives us permission to embrace the shameless book lover inside each of us. Unlocking Worlds is a testament to how reading passionately—and compassionately—can unlock the world beyond our back yard. Celebrating books and those who read them, Allen shows how the solitary act of reading can be a powerful thread that creates community and connection.

Thought-provoking and eloquent, Unlocking Worlds: A Reading Companion for Book Lovers is a must-have for anyone who can’t leave the house without a book in hand.


Book Details:
  Unlocking Worlds

Author: Sally Allen
Genre: Books | Literature & Fiction | History & Criticism | Books & Reading
Publisher:  Griffins Wharf
Release Date: September 2, 2015
Format: Paperback
Pages: 246
ISBN: 0983644616
Source: Purchased
Lizzy and Jane



My TakeA few weeks ago I hosted an author interview with Sally Allen, author of Unlocking Worlds: A Reading Companion for Book Lovers.

So intrigued by her response to one of the questions, I went straight to Amazon and purchased my copy. I did not want to be the only book lover without a copy of Unlocking Worlds!

As I opened the first pages and read the author’s anecdote about meeting a friend for coffee with a book tucked into her purse (if friend was late), I giggled. I do the same thing! Usually, however, I take a book wherever I’m going. Let’s not waste a minute of good reading.

Sally Allen has compiled a book lover’s compendium of books for book lovers everywhere to peruse and choose from, or just enjoy reading about them. Unlocking Worlds has many things going for it from its watercolor cover imbued with softness and comfort to the illustrations and quotes which begin each chapter. And even more, but you’ll have to read the book to learn what else awaits you.

Having grown up with books all around her and then focusing on the English language and literature during her college years, the author lends herself, her personal life with books to the overview of a variety of genre, characters, authors, and stories offered to each of us if we only let them open the portals to worlds beyond our own backyard.

Anyone who has even a minuscule fascination with books and reading them must read Unlocking Worlds. The impact Sally Allen’s work leaves on the reader is immense and long lasting. Not only does she open our eyes to new possibilities in the reading of books, but also our hearts to the works we have yet to consider.

Author Bio n Links

Sally Allen (1)Award winning writer and teacher Sally Allen holds a Ph.D. from New York University in English Education, with an emphasis in writing and rhetoric, and a M.A. in English Language and Literature. She teaches writing, literature, and communications, leads book group discussions, and is the founder and editor of Books, Ink at HamletHub.

Connect with Sally here:







2 thoughts on “Unlocking Worlds: A Reading Companion for Book Lovers by Sally Allen | Review

    1. Hi Sally, and you’re most welcome! The question I refer to is about being stranded on a deserted island and what you’d like to have around to read. Our thoughts ran so parallel I knew I’d found a “BFF Reader.” Loved this book and hope soon to read others of yours. Have a good rest of the week.


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