So Much For Buckingham: The Camilla Randall Mysteries #5 by Anne R. Allen

Anne R. Allen's So Much for BuckinghamCamilla is in catastrophe mode again when her royalty checks stop coming from Sherwood, Ltd. and her blogger boyfriend Ronzo apparently commits suicide after a horrifying video of him circulates in social media.

Then Camilla commits a cardinal sin by responding to an online review, and is dubbed a “badly behaving author.” She becomes the target of a cyberbullying campaign by online vigilantes.

Her best friend Plantagenet is facing tragedy too, when his new husband leaves him for a New Age guru five days after their wedding.

When Plant takes his single “honeymoon” to England to see a production of Shakespeare’s Richard III, he travels to Lincolnshire to investigate Camilla’s missing royalties. Unfortunately, he ends up accused of killing a historical reenactor–who was an ardent believer in the good character of Richard III, and the medieval monarch’s innocence in the murder of the princes in the Tower.

Worse, it seems the ghost of King Richard –newly risen from his Leicester car-park–is the only witness to the murder of the reenactor, who had been dressed as Richard’s nemesis, the Duke of Buckingham.

Will Plantagenet find the ghost of Richard III to prove his innocence?

Will Camilla’s mysterious publisher, Peter Sherwood, rise from his watery grave to save Camilla from the cyberbullies?

And what does Camilla’s new cat, Buckingham, know about Ronzo’s mysterious death?

The Bronte Plot


Book Details:
  So Much for Buckingham

Author: Anne R. Allen
Genre: Literature & Fiction / Mystery, Thriller & Suspense / Humor & Satire
Publisher: Kotu Beach Press
Release Date: July 8, 2015
Format: Kindle
Pages: 292
Source: Author

FTC Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review and no other compensation. Opinions expressed are mine.


Anne R. Allen never disappoints her readers. Once again Camilla Randall is present on the pages of So Much for Buckingham, fifth in the Camilla Randall Series. Although a series, each book is a pleasant stand-alone read.

The only thing a reader could find disappointment in would be Camilla not being up to her usual mix of unusual friends, enemies, and trouble. The satire and humor all who read Anne Allen have come to expect are ever-present as are a full measure of loonies and ludicrous happenings in a post-modern King Richard III reign.

A favorite occurrence in this fifth book is the allowance of Plantagenet to have a larger voice and role in the drama and madcap antics as they are played out with each page turn. 

Anne Allen’s ability to weave throughout her stories a current social commentary easily and throughout the story amazes me. She does this without jeopardizing her plot or her characters’ development. 


RecommendationThe cold and dreary days of winter have or are arriving, and a cozy mystery filled with humor and loony characters is a prize while sitting next to the fire with a favorite winter beverage. Anne R. Allen has delivered the gift. All you have to do is add the cozy chair, the fire and the drink. I can’t recommend Anne’s mysteries enough. She has such a talent for combining the mysterious, thrilling story line while entertaining with wit and humor.


Meet Anne R. Allen:

Author Anne R. Allen

Anne R. Allen is the author of eight comic novels. THE GATSBY GAME, FOOD OF LOVE, and THE LADY OF THE LAKEWOOD DINER are available singly or in a boxed set called BOOMER WOMEN. She’s also the author of the hilarious Camilla Randall mysteries: THE BEST REVENGE, GHOSTWRITERS IN THE SKY, SHERWOOD, LTD., NO PLACE LIKE HOME, and SO MUCH FOR BUCKINGHAM. She is published by MWiDP and Kotu Beach Press.

She also has a collection of short stories and verses called WHY GRANDMA BOUGHT THAT CAR.

She’s the co-author of HOW TO BE A WRITER IN THE E-AGE…A SELF-HELP GUIDE, written with Catherine Ryan Hyde, and has a two-fer boxed set, CHANEL and GATSBY with NYT bestseller Ruth Harris, which combines Ruth’s THE CHANEL CAPER with Anne’s THE GATSBY GAME

Writer’s Digest named “Anne R. Allen’s Blog…with Ruth Harris” one of the “Best 101 Websites for Writers”, and the blog was a finalist for best publishing industry blog in a contest run by Goodreads and the Association of American Publishers.

Anne is a graduate of Bryn Mawr College and spent twenty-five years in the theater–acting and directing–before taking up fiction writing. She is the former artistic director of the Patio Playhouse in Escondido, CA and now lives on the Central Coast of California.

Connect with the author:  Website  ~  Facebook ~ Twitter



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