Birds of Passage by Joe Giordano | Author Interview + Book Spotlight

Today it is my privilege to have Joe Giordano visiting the blog. An interview with Joe follows below as he talks about his process in writing a book, challenges writers face, and more. A bio will follow the interview providing more information about Joe as well as how you may connect with him online.

Please join me in welcoming Joe Giordano, author of Birds of Passage, An Italian Immigrant Coming of Age Story.

Author Joe Giordano

Birds of Passage, An Italian Immigrant Coming of Age Story

Joe Giordano

Q: What’s your process in developing your storyline and characters?

For Birds of Passage, my heritage drove me to write an historical fiction novel about Italian immigration. The story isn’t about my family, but there are numerous insider references throughout. I imagined the three main characters, Leonardo, Carlo and Azzura, tried to place them into challenging situations, and used the classical Character Arc and novel structure to construct the piece.

Q: What challenges do you face in your writing, and how do you overcome them?

Innovative ideas can’t be programmed. You work hard and every once in a while you catch a break. A new story line can surface through an offhand comment, a photograph, or a memory. I read to stimulate ideas.

Q: What has the road to publication been like for you?

Writing is a creative outlet. Most writers agree that good writing is hard, but the process gives me pleasure. Completing Birds of Passage was easier than attracting an agent or a publisher to accept my work. There’s huge competition for readers, art is subjective, and like any new product, what you produce must be unique and desirable.

Q: How do you market your work?

Birds of Passage, will be supported with reviews, readings, blogs, and author interviews. As a new author, I’m an unknown brand. Good publicity and review recommendations will be key to getting readers’ attention.

Q: Who are the writers that have inspired you most, and how have they inspired you?

I took a UT class taught by Ben Fountain and walked out eager to write. I admire the short stories of Chekhov and Salter. Philipp Meyer is very talented. Then there’s Dante, Homer, and Shakespeare.


Joe Giordano's Birds of Passage


What turns the gentle mean and the mean brutal? The thirst for wealth? The demand for respect? Vying for a woman? Birds of Passage recalls the Italian immigration experience at the turn of the twentieth-century when New York’s streets were paved with violence and disappointment.

Leonardo Robustelli leaves Naples in 1905 to seek his fortune. Carlo Mazzi committed murder and escaped. Azzura Medina is an American of Italian parents. She’s ambitious but strictly controlled by her mother. Leonardo and Carlo vie for her affection.

Azzura, Leonardo, and Carlo confront con men, Tammany Hall politicians, the longshoreman’s union, Camorra clans, Black Hand extortion, and the Tombs prison.

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Kirkus review of Birds of Passage

“With Birds of Passage, Joe Giordano delivers a rollicking, wholly entertaining take on the Italian immigrant story.  His rich cast of characters arrives seeking the usual: Money, honor, love, respect, a decent shot at the pursuit of happiness.  But things get complicated fast as they plunge into the rough-and-tumble world of rackets, scams, and politics of early 20th-century New York City.  Giordano serves up a thick, satisfying slice of the entire era in all its raw and brutal glory.”

~ Ben Fountain, author of Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk,
soon to be a major motion picture directed by Ang Lee.


Book Details:Italy Book Tours Logo in colour
  Birds of Passage

Author: Joe Giordano
Genre: Fiction | Historical Fiction
Publisher: Harvard Square Editions
Release Date: October 8, 2015
Format: Paperback
Pages: 260
ISBN13: 9781941861080

Birds of Passage, An Italian Immigrant Coming of Age Story


Book Promo

The Kindle copy of Birds of Passage will be free
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Meet the Author:

Author Joe Giordano

Joe Giordano was born in Brooklyn. His father and grandparents immigrated to New York from Naples. Joe and his wife, Jane have lived in Greece, Brazil, Belgium and the Netherlands. They now live in Texas with their shih tzu Sophia. Joe’s stories have appeared in more than sixty magazines including Bartleby Snopes, The Newfound Journal, and The Summerset Review.

Connect with the author:   Website  ~   Twitter  ~   Facebook

Future Tour Dates:

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2 thoughts on “Birds of Passage by Joe Giordano | Author Interview + Book Spotlight

    1. Joe, it’s my pleasure to offer support to my fellow writers. Someday I too will be published and touring and hope that others will do the same for me. I look forward to reading your book soon and reviewing it here. Best of luck as you move forward!


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