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Tom Swyers' Saving Babe Ruth




When lawyer David Thompson, a Civil War buff and art enthusiast, volunteers to serve as commissioner for the town’s waning Babe Ruth recreational baseball league, he has no idea what he’s getting into.

Backed by the high school baseball program, promoter Rob Barkus is crushing the Babe Ruth league by luring the town’s best players to his high-priced summer travel league with promises of scholarships. If this continues, there won’t be enough players for the Babe Ruth league. David’s own son, Christy, and his friends will have nowhere to play.

Barkus doesn’t stop at wanting the town’s best players, he also wants access to the town’s best baseball field—the Babe Ruth field. When David refuses, a bitter conflict divides the town and threatens his marriage to his wife, Annie.

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If you have read the complete synopsis of Saving Babe Ruth by following the link to Goodreads, you have a good idea of the main characters and plot as Tom Swyers has developed both. However, one central and motivating element stood out as I read this book. I want to focus on that today.

At the heart of Saving Babe Ruth is its main character, David Thompson. Husband, father, and lawyer, David is passionate about his family, Civil War history and art, and the Babe Ruth recreational baseball league in his hometown of Indigo Valley. These are the people and activities making his life worthwhile. Especially the Babe Ruth recreational baseball league he sees somewhat singlehandedly and the team he coaches.

My grandmother had a saying heard many times during my childhood. It went something like this: “No one had better not mess with her kids cause she would fight a sabre saw to protect her children.” She meant she wasn’t going to back down from anybody or anything.

As David Thompson became familiar to me through Swyers’ writing, I saw him as a man who would stand that strong for his family and the boys on his Babe Ruth team. No matter how threatening or tough someone wanted to be, no matter how far they pushed him, no matter what they said or did, David Thompson was going up against the actions or words of his opposition.

The story unfolds quickly. My passion and hopes for this ragtag team and their coach built into a frenzy which matched the pace of Swyers’ writing at every page turn. I laughed, I cried, I cheered, and yes, I even feared the next scene until I had finished reading the scene.

Tom Swyers is a master storyteller providing his readers with the right combination of light and dark, humorous and serious, and tough and soft in character and scene development. He has taken a staple of American community and shown it threatened by big dollar, greedy and subversive actions, while others ignore the most important element, the young athletes with hopes and dreams.

Recommendation, redWhether you pick up Saving Babe Ruth because you are a Babe Ruth or Little League parent or past team member, you’re a sports lover, or a fan of thrillers and suspense, you are in for a treat. I highly recommend Tom Swyers’ debut novel without reservation to any reader looking for a good read pointing to the contrasts in our society which can bring nothing but hurt and dismay to any part of the children living around us.



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Book Details:

Saving Babe Ruth by Tom Swyers
Published: June 27, 2014
Publisher: Hillcrest House Publishing
Genre: Literary Fiction / Thriller / Sports
Edition: Kindle edition, 335 pages
Source: Enchanted Book Promotions

Miscellaneous:  Meet and connect with Tom Swyers on his Goodreads author page, via Tom’s website, and on social media via Twitter and Facebook.

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