The Summer Diary by Elyse Douglas

The Summer Diary Elyse Douglas's The Summer Diaryby Elyse Douglas
Published: May 7, 2015
Publisher: Broadway Books
Genre: Contemporary Romance /         Women’s Fiction
Edition: Kindle, 286 pages
Source: Worldwind Virtual Book Tours

My Life in Middlemarch

The tragic death of her best friend and husband, lead Keri to a secret diary and a secret lover. 

After her best friend and her husband are killed in a private airplane crash, Keri finds some of her friend’s personal effects, one of which is a diary. When Keri reads it, she discovers her friend had been secretly in love with another man, a soldier. Keri knew nothing about the relationship, even though she and her friend were as close as sisters. 

Determined to find the secret lover, Keri sets off on a journey and discovers the key to her destiny.

(Synopsis via Worldwind Virtual Book Tours; image via Goodreads)


It’s not too late to pick up another great summer read. Today I’ve got one you can add to your summer reading list.

Elyse Douglas provides her readers with a fast-paced, emotional, and well-written romance novel. The characters she develops are believable and engaging, but their story one you might never imagine.

Keri’s best friend, Sophia, and her husband are tragically killed in an airplane crash. Keri and Sophia have been best friends since they were eight years old. Quite different in personality, Sophia had always been there for Keri, and now she wasn’t.

Sophia’s parents ask Keri to go through Sophia’s personal effects left at their beach house. While clearing things out, Keri finds a diary. Puzzled because Sophia had never mentioned it, Keri decides not to toss it out.

After struggling to unlock the diary, Keri is even more puzzled to learn Sophia was in love with someone named Ryan. Sophia describes meeting Ryan on the beach and almost instantly knowing she loved him. But he was unlike other young men who were taken in with Sophia’s beauty, her teasing and flirtation, and her willingness to be with them.

Keri decides she must find this Ryan and let him know how much Sophia loved him. Her decision leads her into a personal awakening about her life. Is there something she’s missing? Could it be, despite her believing otherwise, she is capable of love? Maybe she wants to be married? Perhaps her answers lead to a future she has never considered.

Recommendation, redA light but very enjoyable and face-paced summer read, The Summer Diary, is well written and the characters felt like neighbors living next door. The treatment of any sexual innuendos or scenes is so modest, I would allow a teenage daughter to read this one.

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FTC Disclaimer: I received a copy of Summer Diary from the author via Worldwind Virtual Book Tours in exchange for a fair and honest review. The opinions expressed are solely mine.

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