Murder on Edisto (An Edisto Island Mystery) by C. Hope Clark

C. Hope Clark's Murder on EdistoMurder on Edisto by C. Hope Clark
Published: September 22, 2014
Publisher: Bell Bridge Books
Genre: Fiction / Mystery / Suspense
Edition: Paperback, 272 pages
ISBN: 9781611945416
Source: Author



A big city detective. A Lowcountry murder.

Peace, safety, a place to grieve and heal. After her husband is murdered by the Russian mob, Boston detective Callie Jean Morgan comes home to her family’s cottage in South Carolina. There, she can keep their teenage son, Jeb, away from further threats.

But the day they arrive in Edisto Beach, Callie finds her childhood mentor and elderly neighbor murdered. Taunted by the killer, who repeatedly violates her home and threatens others in the community, Callie finds her new sanctuary has become her old nightmare. Despite warnings from the town’s handsome police chief, Callie plunges back into detective work, pursuing a sinister stranger who may have ties to her past. He’s turning a quiet paradise into a paranoid patch of sand where nobody’s safe. She’ll do whatever it takes to stop him.

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She stared numb at the burning wreckage of her home as someone fussed over her. No one could have survived that explosion. Then, as if to confirm the terrible finality, she caught the reality of John’s death in the sorrow of a fire fighter’s eyes, the slow shake of his head to his partner. Their glances back at her. ~ C. Hope Clark, Murder on Edisto

C. Hope Clark wastes no time in pulling in the reader in Murder on Edisto. In this fast-paced mystery, readers meet Callie Jean Cantrell, a spunky, hard-hitting former Boston detective who hunted down Russian mob bosses in a past life. Now her husband lies dead, and Callie and her son, Jeb, are lucky not to have been inside when their home exploded.

With well-developed characters, plot, and scene, Clark manages to keep several balls in the air at one time. Riveting from the moment you start reading to the end, Murder on Edisto has a cast of quirky, yet interesting characters, a string of break-ins and murders, and frustrations and anger on Callie’s part because she isn’t allowed to investigate anything or anybody.

As Callie is pushed away from the investigation of various murders and break-ins, she becomes suspicious of everyone nearby. And through her suspicions, Callie finds herself irritating other law enforcement officers, turning off new neighbors, and running from the potential murderer.

Always drawn to a good read set in the South, I didn’t think twice about reading Murder on Edisto. Add to the Southern touch a good mystery, intrigue, a few somewhat unusual characters, and it’s a recipe for another of Clark’s successes.

Recommendation, red

Love a good mystery? A little international intrigue thrown in? A touching leading lady in Callie Jean Cantrell? Southern tales and Southern nights mixed in add charm. And once again you’ve got a book ready for the beach, a weekend or a day, or a rainy night in the fall. You can’t miss with this one.

Miscellaneous: To connect with the author, C. Hope Clark, check out her website.

FTC Disclaimer: I received a copy of Murder on Edisto from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review. The opinions expressed are solely mine.

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